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In the Purple Rain by Jasmine Javid

“I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain”
-The Artist Formerly Known as Prince
Their secret language lay dormant
Until the spring of April
Wet their tongues with droplets of curiosity
Falling shy and misty
On those first pages
Torrential storms of questions and promises
Hearts dotting the “I’s”
Security crossing the “T’s”
Acceptance punctuating the ends of what was
The beginning
He found comfort in her inside-out speech
She, in the strength of his Flaws
They relished in the beauty of Baggage
“Always wanted a garden,”
“I’ve never been kissed,”
So they planted seeds
And stood tongues out
Waiting to savor
The purple rain

9 thoughts on “In the Purple Rain by Jasmine Javid

  1. This poem was beautiful. I felt the connection between two people whom may not fit into societies mold but fit perfect in the promise of their relationship. Am I on?

  2. Two people learning about each other, hesitant at first but on getting to know each other better they find commonalities, share confidences, finally commit to each other and all this condensed to its essence with lyrical sensitivity, pleasing tones and rich metaphor. I have enjoyed reading this. Very well done.

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