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Trillium by Jeremy Nathan Marks

The rain is ending

and with everything soaked
                           the wind turns light
wrung out
                   fit now for flight

At dawn
              our curtains

And through every bird
            we begin our hearing


a whirl, a roar
                           a sprouting once more
of mud flecked
                           Skunk Cabbages

Their dirt tickling crown
                           loosens the ground
                                                      and is startling

Their gift, a greeting:

                 Louder than the Trillium
                     Louder even
than our renewed expectations

15 thoughts on “Trillium by Jeremy Nathan Marks

  1. Jeremy Nathan Marks is an American who came to Canada seven years ago and can’t decide if the cows he has been seeing in his dreams have been fat or have been thin. By moving away from his native land he somehow has become more connected with his roots. Poetry and photography are his Muses while the PhD he came her to do has become more like a guest who has overstayed his welcome. His work has been published in The Blue Hour, Lake: A journal of arts and environment, at The Camel Saloon, Vox Poetica and over at Nostrovia! Poetry. Three of his poems will be forth coming in the summer edition of the Wilderness House Literary Review.

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