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3 Poems by Sherre Vernon

She Said

it’s not some delusion
eyes like broken blue glass

and all this body, this body

a sonnet, a scrap of paper
and for the first time, I loved

how Romeo loved, with prayer
and schema and feet

I loved answered

I’m trying to tell you
that somehow it all slipped sideways

and the tongue, it’s is in the wrong voice
and the eyes, there’s only one set I believe

and for all my days at jaunty angles

I’m trying to tell you
that somehow I’ve fallen out of beat

The Bearer

The day he was caught shoplifting, I held him after.
I showed him silhouettes of the dead,
the way a bridge in Nagasaki keeps them.
We wrote together, an essay about Russia.
The only chain I wear these days: a man weighted
by a child fording a river.

The Blessing of Meetings


It’s tender, your son testing you
in a dream before conception:
will you love him whole,
will you love him if
he tells you his name
in syllables out of order,
his cheek to your fingertips,
eyes closed, and breathing slow?


Our mothers crossing paths
on a left hand turn near Sunset and Western.
You called it the blessing of meetings:
that always finding of the right face.
That, and this gravity that pulls us, so unalike.
You’ve become familiar. You know
I am remembering this wrong.


I should tell you,
my husband wants a child.


Those last weeks, and I couldn’t
keep from reaching out. Everyone
wants to feel your baby move. I close
my eyes and see your husband’s hands
on your belly, brow to umbilical,
your mothers words, each heartbeat
like rosary. A repetition, a prayer.


Sherre Vernon is a school leader working in Los Angeles, California.   Her poetry has been published in over a dozen literary journals, including Ars Medica, The Coe Review, Fickle Muses, Eclipse and The Pedestal Magazine.  Green Ink Wings, her postmodern novella, won the 2005 chapbook award from Elixir Press.   In 2008, The Name is Perilous, a poetry chapbook, appeared in the final publication of the journal Ruah.


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